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Join us on the journey to the city of the future

In Gothenburg, ElectriCity is underway - an exciting collaboration where industry, research and society develop and test solutions for tomorrow's electrified transport. Quiet, exhaust-free buses, ferries and even heavy vehicles powered by renewable electricity are included in the demo arena. 

En elbuss i en inomhusmiljö bland människor och växter.


En av innovationsbussarna i Göteborg.

New solutions being tested on the Innovation buses

Tests of new functions and services are in full swing on the ElectriCity collaboration's innovation bus. At the moment, tests are being conducted, among other things, on how travelers experience an...

VIDEO: Healthier cities with electric buses

How do electric buses affect the well-being of residents? And what new possibilities does low noise create when planning new housing and public transport? Find out in this talk about electrification...

Nominate the 2022 collaborator of the year


Who do you think has created conditions for successful partnerships during the past year in an open and committed way? Now is the time for nominations! The collaborator of the year will be awarded...

New study: Electric buses contribute to better health for residents

Lower noise levels, better sleep and reduced fatigue and a sense of feeling low. These are some of the effects for the residents along route 60 in Gothenburg after the buses on the route were replaced...

Tests and demonstrations

En elbuss som kontrolleras av geostaket.

Tests in public transport

Within the ElectriCity collaboration, a number of different actors are testing functions and services for public transport. Innovation that contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable city and more efficient and attractive public transport.

En eldriven hjulgrävare i Färjenäsparken i Göteborg. Foto: Lindholmen Science Park.

Electrified construction machines

Through two different projects, ElectriCity is working to drive the electrification of work machines at construction sites and on city streets - which contributes to a better and more sustainable urban environment.

Olika bilder på lösningar som testas på bussar.

Innovative IT solutions for public transport

Innovativa IT-lösningar för bussar i kollektivtrafiken har potentialen att förbättra kollektivtrafiken på flera sätt. Detta utforskar ElectriCity genom flera satsningar.


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