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ABB and Transdev join ElectriCity

The ElectriCity collaboration is expanding. When Transdev and ABB now are becoming members, the number of partners increases to 16, new competence is added and the opportunities for future work and tests also receive a substantial contribution.
A Volvo bus, operated by Transdev is being charged by an ABB charger.

Transdev is already participating in several projects run by ElectriCity, such as the electrification of parts of bus line 16 in Gothenburg and the upcoming hybridization of the vessel Älvsnabben 4 run by Transdev's subsidiary, Styrsöbolaget.

"For us, it is self-evident to be part of the ElectriCity collaboration. By 2045, Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions should be at zero. We believe in electric power as a tool for achieving this climate goal and that is why we will put 157 electric buses in traffic in Gothenburg in December 2020. We want to continue to be a driving player in sustainable society development and ElectriCity is the perfect test arena for that", says Gunnar Schön , CEO of Transdev Sverige AB.

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ABB has previously been involved in several of ElectriCity's projects, including electrifying several of Gothenburg's bus lines. Now cooperation can be intensified and lead to more opportunities to test new technologies in different environments.

"We are proud and excited to be a part of ElectriCity in Gothenburg and hope that the collaboration will lead us together to accelerate the future of sustainable societies and transports. ABB has the products and solutions for delivering electricity from production to end-users in a safe, smart and sustainable way", says Mats Peterson, Business Area Manager for ABB Electrification in Sweden.

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Niklas Gustafsson, Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at the Volvo Group and Chairman of ElectriCity looks forward to what ABB and Transdev can bring to the collaboration:
"Transdev has a strong profile in sustainable public transport and is today the operator with the most electric buses in Sweden and Europe. It feels good to have them in our collaboration and we look forward to developing more exciting projects together with a focus on the environment and people."

"The transformation of the transport sector is necessary if we are to succeed in creating a sustainable society and the cities of the future. To succeed with large-scale electrification, many parties need to work together; vehicle manufacturers, the cities and the manufacturers and distributors of electricity, to name a few. We welcome ABB as a new and important member of the ElectriCity collaboration in the ongoing work to electrify transports of people and goods in Gothenburg."