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Collaboration Partners

  • The Volvo Group
    Volvo Group is the initiator of ElectriCity and is responsible for development of the electrified vehicles and transport solutions used in the project. Through ElectriCity, Volvo helps realise innovative public transport solutions that open up new opportunities for sustainable urban planning. Volvo Group drives prosperity through transport and infrastructure solutions, offering trucks, buses, construction equipment, power solutions for marine and industrial applications, financing and services that increase our customers’ uptime and productivity. We are committed to shaping the future landscape of sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions.


  • Västra Götalandsregionen
    Västra Götalandsregionen is responsible for public transport throughout Västra Götaland, and it owns Västtrafik. ElectriCity is a project that supports the region’s vision of the good life. With quiet and emission-free vehicles meeting public transport needs, ElectriCity creates new possibilities for urban planning and supports sustainable travel. The project is also an active demo arena that aids innovation and creates new jobs.

  • Västtrafik
    Västtrafik is the provider of all public transport within the region of Västra Götaland and provides 940 000 travels/day for 400 000 customers. The electric buses trafficking line 55 will be part of the public transport system. Västtrafik also develops innovative bus stops at Götaplatsen and Chalmersplatsen, loaded with technical values/services for an enhanced experience during the waiting time, such as seamless Wi-Fi.

  • The city of Gothenburg
    The city of Gothenburg is growing and developing with the aim of becoming a denser, more sustainable and open city that offers an attractive environment and a rich urban lifestyle. ElectriCity represents an important step towards our goal of learning, developing skills and identifying key demonstration projects, which will help us to plan and prepare our city for the future. At the same time, ElectriCity is another aspect of Gothenburg’s clearly defined objective and strategy for continuing to attract skills and investment to the city on a national and international level. As part of the ElectriCity project, we will also have the opportunity to expand our cooperation with the public sector, industry and the academic world in a forward-looking area.

  • Chalmers University of Technology
    Chalmers vision is to actively contribute to a sustainable future. All research, education and impact activities in technology, science, architecture and shipping is conducted in close contact with society. Chalmers coordinates the research activities of ElectriCity, with the goal of making the project a part of a western Swedish cluster around sustainable transportation.

  • Swedish Energy Agency
    The Swedish Energy Agency works for a sustainable energy system that is safe, competitive and has low negative impact on health, the environment and climate. To do this we support research and innovation in the field of energy. The aim is to build up knowhow and competence about new energy technologies and new services, to test and develop them, and to ensure that they eventually come onto the market in the form of new products that can contribute to sustainable growth in Sweden and elsewhere. Within the scope of ElectriCity we primarily support the development of the all-electric buses.

  • Johanneberg Science Park

    Johanneberg Science Park is a collaborative environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge between academia, industry and society with a primary focus on Urban development, Energy, Materials- & Nano technology. Within the framework of ElectriCity, Johanneberg Science Park investigates which areas in the borderland between construction and public transportation, including the issues of urban planning associated with these, that need to be studied, analyzed, and developed further in order to make an upscaling of ElectriCity possible. Johanneberg Science Park will also examine which steps need to be taken in order to enable an upscaling of silent bus stops.

  • Lindholmen Science Park
    As an organisation, Lindholmen Science Park contributes in many different ways to the ElectriCity project. Initially the focus was largely on linking together people and organisations to promote cooperation across traditional boundaries. Today the emphasis is on generating research and development projects that can be linked to the main project and thus ensure that ElectriCity emerges as a national demonstration platform.

  • Göteborg Energi

    Göteborg Energi is the energy company for the residents of Gothenburg. We are working to make our city as sustainable as possible, which means that we must be able to live and to travel sustainably in the city. Therefore, we see it as our clear responsibility to take part in the ElectriCity project and to provide a supply of renewable and sustainable energy to power the electric buses. We believe that a charging infrastructure will be established in Gothenburg and we intend to produce suitable business models. Our aim is to lay the foundations for the development of charging stations throughout the region, so that buses on more routes can run on sustainable electricity.

  • Keolis

    Keolis is the company that operates the buses in the ElectriCity project on behalf of Västtrafik, the local public transport company. A small group of drivers have been specially trained to drive the buses and they will give Volvo ongoing feedback about how the electric buses and plug-in hybrids are functioning in the public transport system. Keolis is also responsible for washing and cleaning the vehicles. We want to be involved in and contribute to sustainable development and an attractive public transport system. Keolis’ vision is “Developing public transport and exceeding our passengers’ expectations every day” and we believe that we have particularly good opportunities for doing this within the ElectriCity project.

  • Älvstranden Utveckling
    Älvstranden Utveckling’s mission is to work together with other actors to realise Vision Älvstaden’s goal of developing an inclusive, green and dynamic inner-city environment on both sides of the river. Supporting and participating in innovation activities that target next-generation mobility is a very important part of this work. ElectriCity’s focus is on creating a secure, environmentally optimised and comfortable public transport system that is in line with Älvstaden’s high ambitions.

  • Akademiska Hus

    Akademiska Hus aims to be at the forefront of sustainability issues and think it is important to interact and cooperate with a diversity of companies. The future public transport with attractive bus stops is an important matter for society as a whole and fits in on a campus with high ambitions in sustainability and that’s why we’re a part in ElectriCity.

  • Chalmersfastigheter
    Commitment to the environment is a natural part of our day-to-day work and we are always open to new technologies and new ideas relating to green buildings and reducing energy consumption. As Chalmers’ own property company, we are at the heart of these developments and play an important role in working towards the university’s vision of a sustainable future. This means that we are at the leading edge of green technology. ElectriCity enables us to increase the appeal of travelling by public transport between the two Chalmers campuses, while the unique indoor bus stop that we have built will represent an opportunity for research into the energy-efficient, dense cities of the future.

  • Ericsson
    Ericsson is responsible for the "connected" dimensions of ElectriCity, providing communications technology and Internet of Things solutions to establish an eco system around the next generation public transport. ElectriCity is a perfect arena where Ericsson with partners can develop and test sustainable transport solutions for smart cities – in real life.

  • ABB
    ABB is a technology leader that drives the digital transformation of industries and ABB Electrification's commitment to 'Mission to zero' for smart cities, with the goal of creating innovations that contribute to a zero-emission future, is fully in line with ElectriCity's vision. ABB has the products and solutions for delivering electricity from production to end users in a safe, smart and sustainable way.

  • Transdev
    Every day, Transdev helps people travel how they want and wherever they want in Västra Götaland by bus, boat and train. By 2045, Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions should be at zero. We believe in electric power as a tool to achieve that climate goal. Transdev wants to continue to be a driving force in sustainable community development and ElectriCity is the perfect test arena for that.

  • Renova
    As Western Sweden's leading actor in waste and recycling, we have an important role to play. We contribute to the biological cycle by recycling waste into energy and new raw materials. By actively investing in research and development, we also take responsibility for the future. Everything we do at Renova contributes to a more sustainable society. Our mission is to create commercial societal benefits by taking long-term responsibility for environmentally sound and cost-effective waste management and recycling. Renova's work to reduce the environmental impact of transport began in the mid-1990s, when we rebuilt some of our diesel-powered garbage trucks for gas operation. Since then, in close collaboration with owner municipalities, vehicle and fuel suppliers and universities and colleges, we have participated in several groundbreaking collaborations. Since 2015, all Renova's garbage trucks are powered by renewable fuels. Of a total of 250 heavy vehicles, about 230 run on HVO. The remaining heavy vehicles run on biogas.