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Frequently asked questions

About route 55

Which bus stops are there on this route?

Route 55 goes between Chalmers and Lindholmen via Avenyn, Brunnsparken and Götaälvbron. You find all the bus stops on route 55 in the timetable on

What is the timetable?

The timetable is available on the Västtrafik website

When will this route start operating?

Route 55 started operating on June 15, 2015.

Does it all work like on a “regular” route?

Yes, route 55 is a regular bus route that is part of the ordinary Västtrafik schedule. The same tickets are valid. 

Who is responsible for operating this route?

Västtrafik is responsible for this bus route, that is operated by Keolis.

What type of buses are used on this route?

Route 55 are operated with three all-electric, quiet and exhaust emission-free Volvo buses and a number of electric hybrid buses that run on electricity for 70 % of the route. 

Where is the indoor bus stop located?

One of the new bus stops being built along route 55 is located indoors, at Teknikgatan near Lindholmen. 

Why electric power?

Electric buses are far quieter than conventional diesel-powered buses and produce no emissions of particulates or nitrogen oxides. They are also far more energy-efficient. What is more, the buses used in Gothenburg will run on electricity produced from renewable sources, which means that climate impact is minimised. 

About route EL16

On which route will the new electric articulated buses operate?

During the Volvo Ocean Race on June 14–21 the electric articulated buses will run between Nordstan and Frihamnen. From June 25 they will be used on route EL16, which is part of route 16. In the mornings and evenings they will run between Eriksbergstorget and Nordstan. During the day they will operate between Eriksbergstorget and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

What is their timetable?

The electric articulated buses are prototypes so they will run outside the regular timetable.

When will they start operating?

Traffic between Nordstan and Frihamnen will start on June 14. On June 25 the electric articulated buses will start operating on route EL16.

Will everything work just as on a regular bus route?

No, not quite. The buses will run outside the regular timetable and various technical solutions will be evaluated during the test period, but anyone can use these buses and the regular Västtrafik bus tickets apply here too.

Who operates these buses?

The buses are run by Transdev.

Which buses will operate on route EL16?

Two all-electric articulated buses, just over 18.7 metres long, which can each carry 135 passengers.

About the demonstration arena

What is meant by the demonstration arena?

ElectriCity is a cooperative venture that tests and demonstrates new solutions for sustainable travel. 

What solutions are being tested?

Among much else, the project tests technology for electric vehicles, communication, bus stops, energy systems and safety as well as business models for sustainable mobility in the city.

Is the cooperative venture open to other actors?

Yes, companies and research institutes that work with innovation and that can contribute to attractive and sustainable travel can join in, applying for financing via ElectriCity. 

What is the procedure for joining?

Contact coordinators Lovisa Westblom: or Gunnar Ohlin: