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Route 55 reaches the goal line - with massive introduction of electric buses as a result

In December, Västtrafik introduces about 160 new electric buses for Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille. In total, around 200 electric buses will be operating in the Gothenburg area. An important part of paving the way for this large introduction of electric buses has been ElectriCity's demonstration arena route 55, which thus ends.
Linje 55 på Göteborgs gator.

Route 55 was introduced in 2015, to enable ElectriCity partners to learn about full-scale electric buses in public transport. The route, which was added as extra traffic and thus lacking its own traffic assignment, has been used for a variety of tests, with successful results. For example, fast charging, IT solutions and measurements of air quality have been made along the route.

Travelers, drivers and operators all have positive experiences of the buses and the quieter, softer electric drive. As the route works smoothly, the demonstration arena has fulfilled its purpose and electrified electric buses will now become part of the everyday operations in the Gothenburg area's public transport.

The procurement of electric buses is one of the largest in Europe and shows the city's and region's high ambitions with sustainability efforts and with improving the urban environment. The new buses will mean lower emissions of both particles and exhaust gases and reduce noise levels.

ElectriCity continues to develop and test solutions for the electrified transports of tomorrow. We are looking into the possibilities of starting new demonstration arenas. More information about that will be published at a later date.

Route 55 will be running until december. Travelers that need to make their way between Lindholmen and Chalmers after that will be referred to route 16.