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EU commissioner visited ElectriCity

ElectriCity continues to draw a lot of interest. Last week EU commissioner Margrethe Vestager, responsible for digitalisation and working on the "Europe fit for the digital age" program, came for a visit. The theme of the day was "Technology with a purpose". The commissioner got to see new technology being tested out in the real world through ElectriCity and a tour on the electric bus on route 55.
Bild från EU-kommissionär Vestagers Twitter.
Peter Nordin and Karin Svensson (right and middle) from Volvo invited EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager on a tour with the ElectriCity bus. Picture: EU Commissioner Vestager's Twitter.

Vestager did also pay a visit to the Volvo Groups innovation hub CampX in Lundby and got to hear about how Volvo is working with startups and other partners to accelerate the development of the transport solutions of the future.

Also on the agenda was a tour of Ericsson and Lindholmen Science Park, where she got to take a closer look at the collaborative model being used there and some key factors for engaging and gathering the many companies working with mobility in the area.