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Elvy - Västtrafik's first electric hybrid ferry

On October 25, Elvy, Västtrafik's new electric hybrid ferry was christened. The ferry is expected to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions of nitric oxide and particles and is a first step for more electric ferries on the river, something that ElectriCity is also working on.
Elvy - the ferry.

The ferry will operate line 286 between Stenpiren and Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Thanks to being a hybrid, Elvy will have about 45 per cent lower fuel consumption than diesel driven ferries, which will contribute to reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and nitric oxide by about 30 per cent. In addition, the emissions of particles is reduced, which contributes to a better local environment.

The battery lasts for about four hours and can then be recharged during operation or at harbor. Elvy will start operating the route during November and if the ferry operates as expected, the other two ferries on the line may also be equipped with electric power.

The electrification of ferry traffic is something that ElectriCity is working on too. During the past year, the first steps have been taken to test an electric powered ferry on another commuter line on the Göta River, Älvsnabben. The demo area is under development and the plan is to get an electric boat running at the end of 2020. Read more about this here