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Better urban enviroment through geofencing

Friday, December 17, 2021

Gothenburg is at the forefront when it comes to testing geofencing in traffic. The technology makes it possible to digitally regulate the speed, emissions and access of connected vehicles to special zones and has been tested within the framework of ElectriCity.

Geofencing opens up new possibilities to improve traffic safety, reduce emissions, reduce noise levels and create better traffic flows. In addition, the comfort for both passengers and drivers increases.

The video below shows how the Urban Transport Administration of the City of Gothenburg and Volvo Buses collaborate in the project Digitized infrastructure zones. The Urban Transport Administration has developed a new digital platform that allows them to quickly create geofencing zones that can be downloaded directly to the buses. The driver receives information about the new zones and the bus is adapted to the new rules for the zone.

The project focuses on testing low-speed zones in areas with many unprotected road users, such as shopping streets, intersections and schools.

Watch the film here