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ElectriCity demo arena

The demo arena features a number of projects linked to the joint ElectriCity venture. These projects contribute to sustainable mobility and attractive public transport.

If you have a product or a service that can contribute to sustainable mobility and more attractive public transport, a test at the ElectriCity demo arena may be a good option for you and your business partners. You will need to create a test and a demo project together with at least one ElectriCity partner. The product or service may be something entirely new that has never been tested previously, or it may be something that is new in the context of sustainable mobility and attractive public transport.

The product or service being tested should be able to be followed up, preferably linked to research, although that is not an absolute demand. It should be possible to scale up the test outside the demo arena. Organisations that want to do something within the sphere of ElectriCity are responsible for financing tests at the demo arena.

The entry point for testing and developing a product or service goes via one or more partners in ElectriCity. Two of the ElectriCity partners, the Swedish Energy Agency and Region Västra Götaland, are financiers of various projects. They are financing joint ElectriCity projects within their regular programme and financing tools. For Region Västra Götaland this takes place primarily via its programme for sustainable transports. There may also be other financiers such as Vinnova and the EU. In order to reference ElectriCity in applications, at least one ElectriCity partner must be involved in the project, with previously secured approval for the project idea within ElectriCity.

Of course it is possible to serve as a commercial supplier to parties that are interested in paying for the service or product you want to test. However, it is more common within the framework of tests in the ElectriCity arena that a company with a product or service finances its own tests and development. Several of the parties are subject to the Swedish Public Procurement Act, which requires purchases to be conducted in a framework of open competition.

If you are uncertain about whom to turn to, please get in touch with the coordinator. You will find contact details at starting page.

Examples of projects at the demo arena:

  • When the three-year test on route 55 ends, the bus batteries will be used in a new trial. In a cooperative project involving Volvo, Göteborg Energi, Riksbyggen and Johanneberg Science Park, electricity provided by solar cells will be stored in these batteries at the Viva housing cooperative, which will be ready to receive its tenants in 2018.
  • Chalmersfastigheter has built the indoor bus stop at Teknikgatan. Researchers linked to Chalmers are closely studying the indoor climate. The results will be used by property company Akademiska Hus in the planning of new buildings, and by Älvstranden Utveckling in the planning of the new Frihamnen urban subdivision.
  • The touchscreens at Teknikgatan, Chalmersplatsen and Götaplatsen are examples of existing technology being used in a context that public transport provider Västtrafik has not previously used. Among much else, they allow passengers waiting at the bus stops to plan their journeys or receive a tour guide along the ElectriCity route.